Saturday, November 26, 2011

bangladesh bank help line.

Bangladesh bank helps line.

Call Center: 16236

Phone: 88-02-9511406

Mobile: 01755532550

Fax: 88-02-7110071


  1. I have got bank a/c in some banks. One non govt bank said- I must keep tk 1000 as minimum a/c balance.
    I have got info in ur press brief that there can be tk10 a/c. 50 tk ac balance in Agrani bank. Is there any guidelines for minimum a/c balance in saving a/c for non govt bank. Or it should be tk100 as minimum balance. What is ur point on minimum balance. The non govt banks avp called me to make some transactions when I d tk 1000 balance. Of course I reviewed it. But there should be a Guideline. Is the banks policy for only rich people?

    1. Trust bank a minimum 1000 tk rakhte hoy...

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  3. could you tell me the number of bank bangladesh now

  4. Phone: 88-02-9511406 number ta ker ? phone dile bole bb noy . vul infom den keno admin .

  5. i am a poor person . i have need money
    you are help me ?