Sunday, January 8, 2012



 Presented by: Md. Zahidul Islam (DBBL call center)

Any DBBl A/c holder & Internet explorer
200 tk ( including vat)
• Account Information
• Fund Transfer/(Credit card bill)
 • Utility Bill Payment (Post Paid Bill Gp, city cell)
 • Standing Instruction (Tk-1 to 50k)
 • Open/ Modify Term Deposit
 • Stop Cheque Request
How to Open
• Customer will have to visit only home Branch.
 • Has to fill up a prescribe form.
 • Customer has to collect login ID & password from home branch.
 • Customer must change his I-banking Pass for first log-in
 • TAT: 5 to 7 working days.
Retrieve I-banking ID
• Customer will have to visit at home Branch.
 • Customer will collect the I-banking ID after proper verification.
Retrieve I-banking Pass
• Customer will have to visit home Branch.
 • Has to fill up prescribed form.
 • Customer will collect the I-banking pass from home branch.
• Customer must change pass after successful log-in.
Password Policy
• Length must be min. 6- max 12 characters.
 • User ID is not allowed as part of the password.
• Password should have 1 upper case, 1 lower case and no symbolic characters.
 • Number of identical characters: 2.
 • Pass will be changed by bank forcefully within a year.
Account Activity
• Last 12 transactions will be displayed.
• Customer can download the statement.
 • Customer has the privilege to print the statement
 •customer can the statement download unlimited time.
Standing Instruction
• The customer can setup, modify or delete standing instructions for transferring
Fund from one of his account to another account against his one customer ID.
 • SI Execution charge 100tk in each month.
 • SI fails charges for insufficient fund tk-20.
Utility Bill Payment (Post Paid Bill)
• Grameen Phone
• Citycell
• Teletalk
 • Banglalink
• Can open/ modify/close TD (FDR) by transferring funds from account. • If TD opens by I-banking, then must be closed by I-banking, Min-TK-1000+
Fund Transfer
• Can transfer funds from within the account.
 • Can pay to Credit card by I-banking, but must be mapped.
 • Fund transfer Unlimited, but max -50k per transaction.
Stop Cheque
• Can stop the payment of a cheque or a range of cheque leaves issued from account.
 • Can also inquire any cheque’s status linked with account
I - Banking Help desk 7174095-7, Ext- 114,143
DBBL Call Center:16216


  1. I have DBBL NEXUS Visa ELECTRON card. I want to money transaction from others country but how!
    I have or try to earn money Network Marketing Business. Which company sign up to me they want Visa / Master Debit or Credit card. How established transaction others world with DBBL. How I sand / receive money? please given the answer clear to me.
    Warm Regards
    Iqbal uddin

  2. We want free service DUTCH-BANGLA BANK -INTERNET BANKING.

  3. We want free service to get account cheek balance .

  4. I get DBBL Internet Banking User ID & Password But I don't understand how to Login ?

    I am completely flowing the instruction But i don't get Login option
    Please help me.

    Md. Jahangir Kabir
    Web Site:
    Email ID:
    Contact Number: 01918-190694


  5. amr mobile bank Account Number ar saser cord ta vola gase ..
    doya kora cord te jana ben...

  6. at frist when i open my account i entry my phone i do not use in this no.for these reason i do not get any present information .so how can change the phone no. and where ? my openning account area is mymensigh ( durgabari )branch .

  7. how can i transfer money to another account

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. I get DBBL Internet Banking User ID & Password, i'm login also but I don't understand how can i transfer money to another account? Please help me

  10. I forget my Nexus card password.Now what can i do?please tell me at any solution.

  11. hi i'm a foreign customer...and i forgot my password ..what should i do

  12. I'm not log in my account. please help me

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